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The Docksolid® ship unloading hopper range is a market-leading range of Standard, Heavy Duty and customised environmental port unloading hoppers.

Loaded with a crane and grab, Docksolid® hoppers are robust, reliable and efficient bulk handling solutions – customised to the product, terminal and specifications of our clients.

The innovative Environmental Hopper combines reliability with state-of-the-art dust control features; it is a world leader in clean bulk handling. Ship unloading hoppers are designed to the customers specification, resulting in optimal results and increased profits.


Docksolid® hoppers are bulk handling solutions for ports, logistics hubs and industrial applications.

Designed to meet demands of a busy bulk terminal, the hoppers have proved more reliable, robust and better at controlling environmental dust than any other unloading hopper system on the market.

Ship unloading hoppers are tailor-made, designed for each client and each application, to ensure they are made to meet the specific environmental requirements and flow characteristics of the product being handled. With various chassis arrangements available, the hoppers can be towed or self-driven on wheels, rail-mounted or static mounted, depending on the process and dock requirements.

  • Safe and easy access for the operators.
  • Ease of access to Electric Panel, Generator & Hydraulic Power pack.
  • All mechanical & hydraulic components from premium suppliers with worldwide distribution networks.

Our range is perfect for bulk commodities or varying densities and particle size.